Semi-Analytical Modelling of Linear Mode Coupling in Few-Mode Fibers

[Download from Aston repository]

Matlab scripts, source C-code, mex compiled C-code, and figure data points for the paper entitled “Semi-Analytical Analytical Modelling of Linear Mode Coupling in Few -Mode Fibers”.



Matlab scripts based on the Symbolic Math Toolbox for the derivation of a semi-analytical solution to the differential equations describing linear mode coupling in few-mode fibres. Scripts available for 3, 4, 5 and 6 modes.


C-code for the numerical evaluation of the 6-modes semi-analytical solutions obtained in 0_differential_equations_solver. Two versions: “highPrecRootFind_6M_doubleIO” uses always the same seed for the root finding section; “highPrecRootFind_6M_doubleIO_rand” uses a randomized seed for the root finding section.


Script for plotting typical fibre coupling coefficients and plotting of the crosstalk introduced by a single fibre displacement as a function of the radial displacement and averaged in the azimuth coordinate.


Script for the evaluation of the precision of the semi-analytical solutions proposed against Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg Method (RKF45) numerical solutions.


Compiled mex C-code at 1_C_code_for_high_precision_solution_of_polynomials. Compiled for Mex Matlab R2014b 64bit.


Typical fibre parameters used in this dataset.


Excel files containing the data points in the figures presented in the paper.